Topic setup

One of the first steps creating a race is to set up topics, which form the individual questions candidates will answer.

To set up topics for a race, navigate to the race and click the “Topic setup” tile near the top.

The topic setup screen has two columns. Typically, shorter topics go in the left column (e.g., quick yes/no questions or basic candidate information) and longer questions go on the right.

Click “Add topic” in the appropriate column to get started.

Topic options

Each topic has a primary field at the top for the name or heading. This should be a few words at most and serves as a headline. It will show up as a headline and in the comparison dropdown at the upper right. The slug below it will form the topic portion of the public URL for the topic comparison screen.

The headline of a topic

For more details, use the optional large text box below. This is usually where the full text of a question candidates answer will go. Short questions or basic information often don’t use this larger field (“age”, “educational background”, etc.).

The checkboxes at the bottom control comparison pages. For most topics, you’ll want to check both of them.

  • Create comparison page makes a topic page showing each candidate’s response to that topic. If this box is checked, there will be no way to compare candidates for this topic.
  • Feature comparison controls how prominently that comparison is shown. If it is checked, the topic will show up in the “other topics” dropdown to switch between topic comparisons and a button to the comparison page will be shown on that topic in candidate profiles.

Arranging topics

You can expand and collapse all topics, change the order one at a time with the arrows in the left-hand gray bar, or click and drag the gray bar to change the order or move topics between columns.