The election guide your audience needs

Transform election uncertainty with the all-in-one tool for creating voter guides supporting informed decisions.

Where the rubber meets the road

News organizations use ElectUp to build election guides that illuminate voting decisions.

Voters are hungry for concise, actionable information to help them make their own decision, and ElectUp helps news organizations:

  • Quickly build guides without duplicated effort, painstaking layout, or data entry
  • Build audience loyalty by meeting the community’s information needs
  • Improve informed engagement with the democratic process in your community

“We’ve done candidate issue surveys for many years, but the comparison tool allowed us to take it to a new level. It makes it easier than ever for voters to easily and quickly compare candidates. And it’s easy for us to manage, giving us time to focus on election coverage.”

David Hulen
Anchorage Daily News

“… a solution that no local newsroom should go without. The election guides that end up in the audience’s hands at election time are the visual culmination of a careful editorial process that really does anticipate a community’s every need. This is an accessible technology full of integrity and heart.”

Jennifer Pemberton
Former VP of News & Managing Editor

“With David Purdy’s election guide, our audience can easily compare candidates’ positions on the biggest issues facing our city. The dynamic tool is easy to use on mobile and desktop, and has become a key piece of our election coverage.”

Tegan Hanlon
Digital Editor
Alaska Public Media

How it works

We work with editors and reporters to identify key topics for the election and gather responses from candidates. The ElectUp platform combines these into an election guide showing profiles for each candidate and letting voters easily compare them on the issues they care about.

Presenting this guide to your audience is as simple as embedding it on your web site.

Voter-friendly comparisons

Guides carefully designed for informed decision-making

Built for collaboration

Share individual races with other organizations or collaborate on a whole election

Collect candidate responses

Built-in tools to efficiently and securely survey candidates to eliminate data entry

Easily embed anywhere

Embed customized election guides on any web page with a simple script embed code

Your news judgment, our technology

No one knows your audience and local issues the way you do. Our training and technology streamline and automate the repeatable parts of the process, while your newsroom retains full editorial control and ownership.

We have no outside investors or competing interests besides our news organization clients. You always own the editorial decisions, data, and reporting.