AI Disclosure

We take journalistic ethics seriously and believe generating content with algorithms must be approached carefully and thoughtfully. Rapidly-advancing generative AI systems (especially large language models and diffusion image generators) make this even more complex.

We believe journalism is fundamentally about communication between humans, and approach generating that communication with AI cautiously.

Content on our site and platform

  • We write the content on our own site ourselves, with the exception of “demo” content we use to demonstrate the functionality of the platform.
  • We use generative AI to create much of the “demo” or “placeholder” content you’ll find in screenshots and demonstrations of the platform. We made this decision for the purpose of having enough test content to showcase the platform without spending the significant time and money writing content and acquiring stock imagery necessary to demonstrate how everything works.
  • News organizations that use ElectUp are responsible for the content of their own election guides embedded on their site. We do not edit it (unless specifically requested via support) or write any of it. To what degree (if any) you use AI for it is entirely up to you and your newsroom policies (although we are happy to consult on that decision).
  • We never use anything on our platform (including your data) to train any AI algorithms (we can’t promise other companies who scrape the internet for training content might not use it).