How it works

Our process is designed specifically for local elections.

1. Choose topics

Write questions for candidates on issues that are most relevant for your audience.

2. Enter candidates

Easily enter official candidates, grouped by district (or other relevant designation for each race).

3. Enter candidates’ responses to the topics

Enter each candidate’s response to the topics you’ve chosen, editing as needed for your editorial policy.

4. Embed the guide in your site

Copy the script embed and publish it as raw HTML in your site’s CMS (we can help if you have any questions).

Your visitors can view the full, responsive guide on your site, including sharing links to specific issues or candidates.

“We’ve done candidate issue surveys for many years, but the comparison tool allowed us to take it to a new level. It makes it easier than ever for voters to easily and quickly compare candidates. And it’s easy for us to manage, giving us time to focus on election coverage.”

David Hulen
Anchorage Daily News