Collaboration and sharing

About sharing races

You can share individual with other organizations and allow them to either edit them (giving them almost the same level of permission as your organization) or just embed them in their own embed codes.

Besides accessing that specific race, sharing a race with an organization also allows them to:

  • View the election the race is a part of
  • Administer (add, edit, remove) the list of political parties that candidates in that race use.

Sharing elections

Additionally, multiple organizations can be set up as owners for an election, which gives them both full, equal control over that election. To share ownership of an election with another organization, contact and let us know the name of the election and the organization you want to have co-ownership with.

Share a race

To share a race, navigate to the race’s screen and click the “Share” button in the upper right.

In the “Add organization” section you can add other organizations to the current race.

The organization name must be exactly as it is used in ElectUp (if you don’t know the name they use, you can ask them or contact If you enter a name that is not in ElectUp, you will get an error that it is invalid.

Choose a role for the organization on this race:

  • Edit allows them to do almost anything with the race that you do (with a couple of exceptions like deleting it or sharing it with other organizations).
  • Embed only allows the organization to view the race (even if it’s unpublished) and use it in their embed codes.

If you need another organization to have truly full ownership of a race (including the ability to remove your organization), contact

Editing existing shares

In the “Current shares” section, you can see any organizations who currently have access to the race.

Click the permission level (“Edit” or “Embed”) to change permissions or “Remove” to remove them from the race entirely.

Important: Removing an organization from a race will prevent them from creating new embeds using that race, but existing embeds they have already created may continue to include that race.